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Year 10 Topics Map

Term 1a 

Term 1b 

Term 2a 

Term 2b 

Term 3a 

Term 3b 


(An Inspector Calls).

Power & Conflict Poetry Bayonet Charge,

Charge of the Light Brigade  

Creative Reading Paper  2 Q 1 and 2. Power & Conflict Poetry Remains,  Photographer Poppies 

(Jekyll and Hyde). Power & Conflict Poetry  The Prelude, Storm Island Ozymandias 

Language: Paper 1 - 

Power & Conflict Poetry Exposure

My Last Duchess  

(Merchant of Venice)

Power & Conflict Poetry Bayonet Charge

Charge of the Light Brigade

Revisit Lit Poetry throughout year: Revision Language: Creative Reading Paper  1 




The 4 Operations


Fractions, Decimals, & Percentages (Ratio)






Position, Direction and Map Reading Skills

(D of E).


Fine Art:


Fine Art


Three dimensional design:

Antony Gormley

Three dimensional design: Alexander Calder

Graphic Communication:

M C Escher

Graphic Communication: Typography

Computing & ICT

Pre-production documents

Pre-production documents

Creating Digital Graphics

Creating Digital Graphics

Storytelling with a comic strip

Storytelling with a comic strip



Computer Systems

Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

Creating a multipage website

Creating a multipage website

D of E

      Introduction to the award 

Physical section                

        Skills  section (Italian)

Volunteer section - Community  

Expedition Preparation

Expedition preparation

Food Studies

Cooking with Eggs


Packed Lunch/Soups




Media Studies

Introduction focusing on Media language and representations

Advertising and Marketing

(Galaxy, NHS Represent & OMO adverts)

Film Industry-

I, Daniel Blake & Black Widow

Radio (Radio 1 & Kiss Breakfast) and

Music Videos (Arctic Monkeys/Blackpink)

Online, social and participatory media

(Marcus Rashford, Kim Kardashian; Hollywood, Lara Croft Go)


(Tatler Jan 2021 & Heat 21-27 Nov 2020) 


Introduction to the ASDAN Award 

Sports and Leisure or communication


The environment

The Community / The Wider World

Health & Survival or Science & Technology

Health & Survival 


Basketball & Football

Hockey & Table Tennis

Dodgeball & Tag Rugby

Health and Fitness & Handball

Athletics & Cricket

Rounders & Tennis


Healthy Lifestyles

(Understanding Physical Health and Wellbeing)

Healthy Lifestyles

(Understanding Emotional Wellbeing)

The world I live in

(Planning your personal Progression)

Changing and Growing



(Personal Strengths,Skills for learning)


(Prejudice and Descrimination, Managing pressure)


Biology: The human body (What is the body made of? / How the body works). 

Biology: The human body (How the body fights disease / How the body is coordinated)

Chemistry: Elements mixtures & compounds (Atoms elements and  compounds / How Structure affects properties / Polymers)

Chemistry: Elements, mixtures and compounds (Separating mixtures / Metals and Alloys)

Physics: Energy, forces and the structure of matter (Energy, energy transfers and energy resources / Forces and Work). 

Physics: Energy, forces and the structure of matter (Speed and stopping distances / Atoms and Nuclear radiation)