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Visual Learning Journeys

Curriculum leads have been working on producing Visual Learning Journeys for their subjects. These are a Visual overview of what students will be learning in each subject throughout their time at Garratt Park. They can be used to help inform students and their families what they are learning and where it will lead to in future years.

Art KS3/4

Arts Bronze Award - Sixth Form

PE KS3/4

Drama KS3/4

Design & Technology KS4/Sixth Form

English ARC3

English ARC4

English Language ARC5

English Language KS3/4

English Literature Sixth Form

Film Studies Sixth Form

Food Studies Sixth Form

History Sixth Form

Humanities KS3/4


ICT Sixth Form

Key Steps/PDP YR9 & Sixth Form

Maths KS3/4

Media KS4

Music KS3

Music Technology Sixth Form

New ARC3 English

PE KS3/4

PE Core Sixth Form

PE Option Sixth Form


Science Biology KS3/4

 Science Chemistry KS3/4

Science Physics KS3/4