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Garden Planters

Garden Planters

This term I have been working with students making garden planters for the summer term. We have also designed a special planter as a ‘Thank You’ for the Leather Bottle who have kindly allowed our parent/carers to use their carpark whilst attending the Cygnet Course delivered every Tuesday in the ALC for parents/carers of students on the Autistic Spectrum.


One student in particular has shown his artistic flair for design and with support has been able to come up with his own original design pictured below in the style of a 3 tiered pyramid planter.

The planter was presented to staff at the Leather Bottle by the student mainly responsible for designing and making it and it was well received.  

Students hope to sell the remaining planters to the school and local community via various ALC Enterprise Projects.

 Shakeel Richardson

Deputy Lead Learning Mentor