Garratt Park School

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School Council

The School Council enables the students at Garratt Park School to have a voice in the running of our school. In this way, our students have a greater sense of belonging, become more confident when putting forward ideas and develop a greater understanding of the need to work co-operatively for the good of others.

The School Council representatives meet each half term to discuss ways in which to help improve the school.  Tutors usually have discussions with their classes on any issues the students would like to raise and the class rep writes down agreed sensible suggestions and brings them to each meeting.  Once relevant members of staff have actioned suggestions put forward I email tutors all upheld decisions so they can feedback to their classes.

Some of the changes made through last year’s School Council include:

  • More after school clubs
  • More lunchtime clubs
  • Newly refurbished Sensory room
  • New table football tables
  • Banks of computers in every classroom
  • Halal food at lunchtimes
  • New table tennis equipment
  • More table, chairs and cups in the dining hall
  • Larger dining area
  • Boys and girls toilets have been refurbished
  • Students have been given locker keys
  • Arranging for outside agencies to give career talks
  • More competitive sport games against other schools
  • More headphones in every classroom
  • New basketball metal nets
  • New Nintendo WII games purchased
  • New chairs and tables in classrooms
  • Blinds put into each classroom