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Why do D of E at Garratt Park?

  • Each of the four sections gives students something different by developing new or existing skills.
  • They enjoy new experiences and take part in new and exciting challenges.
  • The students will get recognition and gain a prestigious qualification for doing the things they enjoy.
  • Students learn to make a difference to other people’s lives and their community through the volunteer section.
  • Learn about being healthier by taking part in a physical activity for a set period of time.


At Garratt Park School, we run both the Bronze and Silver Awards; year 10 and 11 student’s work on achieving the Bronze Award and those in key stage 5 complete the Silver Award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is incorporated in the curriculum enabling all students’ full access each week.

The four sections to be completed for each Award level are:

The Skills section: where students can learn a new skill or develop an existing skill further. Skills include Art, photography, learn a new language, sewing, crafts, cooking, playing a musical instrument, dance or a sports skill.

The Volunteer section: develops an understanding of the needs of others or environmental issues, either globally or within own community.

The Physical section: promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle encouraging and supporting all participants to become involved a physical activity at school or in their own time.

The Expedition section: where students must attend two expeditions for each level and which involves one overnight camping for Bronze and two nights for Silver. The expedition also requires participants to complete a walking venture each day of the expedition; participants walk a planned route which is expected to take six hours each day for Bronze and seven hours each day for Silver. Our expeditions take place in Ashdown Forest.


The expedition is the section which is the most popular with the students; it is also the most challenging both physically and mentally as much preparation is required for all involved. Students not only have to be prepared for staying away from home comforts for a night or two, they have to learn many new skills such as working as part of a team, camp craft and navigation skills.