Garratt Park School

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In key stage three pupils have a weekly Creative Studies lesson and every half a term are given a choice of; drama, music or craft. Pupils who choose drama begin lessons by playing a variety of games to build communication, listening and focus skills connected to drama.  The lessons then move on to focus on a specific area.

  • In year 7 pupils look at; an introduction to drama, developing an original character using costumes and silent film.
  • In year 8 pupils look at; script work, Commedia Dell’ Arte, puppetry and a murder mystery role play.
  • In year 9 pupils look at; mask work, devising from a newspaper, radio theatre and improvisation.

Every year each key stage three group make a short film. The first half of term is spent writing and devising the film and the second half of the term is spent filming.


In key stage four pupils do an accredited course called Arts Award at Bronze level. The course incorporates all the different performing arts and pupils choose how they want to take part and record their work.  The course is split into four different areas;

  • Part A – pupils try a variety of different arts activities, including; acting and filming a film trailer, making protest art, building theatre sets, making a class magazine, studying Hip-Hop (rapping, street art and DJing) and photography.
  • Part B – pupils visit a variety of arts venues. The school has connections with the following organisation and has taken pupils on trip; Tate Modern, Roundhouse, V&A Museum and Into Film Festival.
  • Part C – pupils make a presentation in a style of their own choosing on an arts inspiration.
  • Part D – pupils teach an art’s skills of their own choosing.