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SMSC in our Curriculum

In Creative and Performing Arts, students are introduced to collaborative art forms from around the world and they play musical instruments from different countries. In their Design Technology lessons, students explore multi-cultural foods, investigate opportunities for sustainability and research different cultures and their dietary needs. Through English, they plan and prepare talks and presentations, recognise right and wrong through the behaviour of characters in literature and read poems from different cultures and traditions. ICT allows them to take responsibility for their actions, assess the moral impact of the internet on groups and individuals and use a range of research tools to find out more about different religions and cultures. 


Personal finance, interpretations of data and the religious and cultural significance of numbers are taught in maths as is the development of social skills, the importance of teamwork, fair play and learning where different sports originate from in PE. PSHE prepares our students to be able to manage friendships and relationships, discuss moral arguments and encourages the advocacy of self awareness and the importance of Modern British Values. By accessing science, students carry out practical investigations, research the ethical implications of the use of fossil fuels and encourage them to reflect on the awe and wonder of the natural world. 


SMSC provision at Garratt Park encompasses a range of activities which are at the core of our values and expectations. We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School where student’s rights are promoted through our Right of the Month and Responsibility of the Week.

We deliver whole school assemblies, bringing our school community together, recognising and further developing our awareness and appreciation of all world religions and current events such as LGBTQ Awareness month, International Women’s day and seasonal celebrations. 


Our extracurricular trips take students out of their traditional learning environment into new and exciting experiences such as the arts and culture - from galleries to museums. They enrich students’ learning and independence through visits to local supermarkets to plan and pay for a meal and activities where students organise their own journeys to and from different destinations in preparation for adult life.


Students reflect on National and International events from Armistice Day and Mental Health Awareness Week to world events such as Black History Month, World Autism Day and World Day for Cultural Diversity. They actively participate in different sporting activities - football, badminton, rowing and swimming and appreciate the importance of charity by raising money through non uniform days and selling homemade goods at our summer fair. 


Every year, students take part in the Duke of  Edinburgh expedition to Ashdown Forest. Though it is physically and emotionally challenging, students thoroughly enjoy the experience and learn a tremendous amount about the expedition and themselves.  They develop their map reading skills, the ability to problem solve and work together, helping and supporting each other in their respective groups. More importantly, students develop their independence and resilience by embracing new experiences which, for many, is being away from home for a night or two for the first time. While many find the experience way out of their usual comfort zone, they all really enjoy the experience and feel  very proud of all they achieve.