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The ICT department at Garratt Park School continues to offer students from KS3 to KS5 a vast array of learning opportunities from standard ICT skills such as Spreadsheets, Desktop Publishing and Presentation to more creative skills such as Animation, Video Editing/Production and Website Construction.

ICT is taught across the school by various members of teaching staff with the ICT Coordinator Geoffrey Whyne taking up the bulk of teaching at KS4 and 5 where students are entered for a range of accreditation. 7AN, 7KA and 7GE are taught by Karen Arnold. 8AB, 8TF and 3ME are taught by Anna Betteridge. POD M are taught by Matthew Huntley. 9TL, 9NB, 10SW, 10JG, 10MD, 11MB, 11ST, POD G and POD K are taught by Geoffrey Whyne

Year 7 ICT
Students in year 7 have had an introduction to the Spreadsheet software Excel. They have learnt about key terminology for the software (cell, formula, cell reference, label, etc) and have used basic formula - + / * along with autosum to solve tricky math problems.

They will continue to learn how to send, reply and forward emails. They will look at sending attachments and using the USO site to upload and share documents.

Year 8 ICT
Students in year 8 have begun to learn about e-mail, how to log in with an email address; how to write someone else's e-mail address in; what to write in the Subject box and how to compose an e-mail. They have also learned how to add an attachment and have been sending a piece of work to someone as well as pictures.

Year 9 and 4TU ICT
Students in year 9 and 4TU have been working towards an Entry Level Certificate in ICT. They are currently making good progress on an animation task using Serif Draw Plus where they have to produce a short animation of someone participating in a sporting activity to go on to a website. They will go on to do a communication task where they will need to produce a document to promote an event and use email to communicate progress to their teacher.

 Animation – Daniel 9TL


Year 10 & 11 ICT
Students in year 10 & 11 have been working towards a Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA) equivalent to one GCSE. The course is made up of two units the first being a Web development unit. Students are currently working on the second unit which involves them having to create a set of multimedia products.


Proposal for Clueless Multimedia Project – Stephanie 11ST


Students in POD G have made good progress towards unit 3 of their Certificate in Digital applications which involves them developing a set of graphical products. They have been learning about using vector and bitmap tools to create, edit and prepare images for different purposes. They have been developing their skills using software such as Serif Draw Plus and Serif Photo Plus.

 Fun to Read Design log - Shane POD G


Students in Pod M have been working on the ICT 4 LIFE project to create a ‘Virtual Tour’ of Garratt Park. Aimed at students in year 6, that will be potentially coming to the school, the tour will include Maps, Video, interviews, images, information and timetables. All content will be sourced and created by Pod M students and presented in an interesting and informative manner that is appropriate for the tours target audience. Pod M have also been practicing their touch typing using the Dance Mat typing website.

 Interview Tips – Orobosa POD M


Students in POD K have been developing their ICT Functional skills in preparation for an exam to take place in June. They have been focussing on email skills learning to use both web based email clients and email software such as Outlook.


Email practise using Microsoft Outlook – Joel Pod M



In e-learning students in KS3 have been working on a programme called successmaker which enables students to work at their set level which increases as they progress. The programme is made up of initial reading, reader’s workshop, maths concepts and skills and spelling skills. Most Year 7 students complete initial reading by the time they go into year 8 and progress onto reader’s workshop. Students also have opportunities to use other programmes such as Education city, Wordshark, Numbershark, Espresso which concentrates on Literacy and numeracy.


E-safety remains an important topic for the school with the subject being addressed, as well as within ICT lessons, through SMSC periods, assemblies, staff training, parent groups and information being sent home. On 7th February 2017, the school participated in Safer Internet Day for which the theme was “Be the Change: Unite for a better internet”. Students took the opportunity to express different ways to use the internet positively.


ICT Suite Refurb


The ICT suite renovation was completed in June 2016. The room has been kitted out amongst other items with 16 new PCs, fresh furniture, carpet and a storage wall.


The students of Garratt Park really appreciate the changes that have been made and are enjoying even more developing their ICT skills in the room.

                “It’s good. The lights are a nice feature. It’s more roomy.” Mitchell Conroy POD M

                “It’s lovely.” Sumiyah Mookthith 11MB

                “It’s ham (cool).” Armstrong Emeralds POD M

The room was officially opened by John Corbally, Chair of Governors in September 2016.





Examination results for students in KS4 & 5 having been improving each year in ICT since 2012. Students with varying abilities have been given opportunities to achieve success that can be officially accredited through a range of different certified courses. The end of examination year 2015/16 has witnessed the best set of results yet.

10 students were entered for a Level 2 Edexcel Certificate in Digital Applications qualification equivalent to a GCSE grade A*-C. 80% of students entered achieved a Grade C or above.
22 students were entered for a Level 1 Edexcel Certificate in Digital Applications qualification equivalent to a GCSE grade D - G. 100% of students achieved a Grade B or above equivalent to a GCSE Grade F or above.
31 students were entered for an OCR Entry Level Certificate in Computing. 100% of students passed.
28 students were entered for an OCR Entry Level Certificate in ICT. 100% of students passed.