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 At Garratt Park our main teaching curriculum is already differentiated, we have smaller class sizes and increased levels of adult support.  However, many of our students need additional support for a period of time to enable them to access this curriculum and engage with their learning.  Therefore, we offer a range of different types of support in addition to our main curriculum.  Sometimes this might be set out in their EHCP or requested in an annual review, sometimes it is in response to changes in needs and circumstances, sometimes we identify needs through our own tests or teacher observations. 

This additional support comes in the following forms:

Therapy and Pastoral Support (TaPS)

  1. Speech and Language Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Pastoral support (including School based counselling and social worker)
  4. Learning Mentors

Personalised Additional Learning Support (PALS)



We have our own onsite therapy team, LSAs who are specially trained to support literacy and numeracy development and an experienced pastoral team and learning mentors.  

We have a number of spaces around the school where this support can be delivered including PALS intervention rooms, library, counselling/ mentoring rooms, sensory room, therapy room and the alternative learning centre (ALC).

We offer a range of evidence based interventions, online platforms and personalised support.

Please see the specific areas for more detailed information.