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World Autism Awareness Week - 29/03/17

Great news another great event for Wandsworth Residents and local groups. Looking at different perspectives of individuals living, caring or living with someone with Autism.


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Mark Brown

Special Help for Special Needs


Special Help 4 Special Needs has been set up to provide children and young adults with special needs the support they

and those around them require to grow and develop.  This includes those with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome,

ADHD/ADD and Developmental Delay.  Mark Brown, founder of Special Help 4 Special Needs has over 30 years experience

working with people with special needs including working with children with special needs since 2000.


Paul Issacs

Paul Issacs Autism


Paul was non-verbal in his youth and didn't gain functional speech until the ages of 7/8 years old he went through

mainstream education and didn't receive a diagnosis of autism until 2010 at the age of 24. Since then he has been a public speaker,

trainer and consultant and author for over 5 years and has presented at national autism conferences and many local events around the counties.


His presentations will be about his life from early years to adult covering a vast range of topics including -  Information Processing,

Sensory Issues, Communication,Education, Employment, Autism as a "Fruit Salad" D.Williams, Being Person Centred and more.


Cos Michael

Autism Age


Cos Micheal is an autism consultant and trainer, specialising in adulthood and ageing.  Having been diagnosed with

Asperger's syndrome aged 50, she joined the National Autistic Society, to lead their Autism in Maturity, then Autism and Ageing projects.


Through this work, she gained a specific knowledge of issues around autism and growing older as it impacts on health, social life,

home care, supported environments and communication. She offer talks and training tailored to the needs of

professionals who come into contact with adults on the autism spectrum, covering a range of issues.

Her aim is to raise awareness of what autistic life is like and what adjustments you can

make to improve the quality of life for autistic adults, particularly as they grow older. 


Laurie Morgen

Inside Autism, Outside the Box


Laurie Morgen, a mother of three, two sons with autism, she is a freelance trainer and national speaker. 

Her presentations have looked at her journey growing up from school age into adulthood and getting a late diagnosis.


Her workshops get you thinking, very thought provoking, but gives you an insight to how a young girl within a

mainstream school setting, without any diagnosis can be misunderstood and also in a family home.

Her visual powerpoint presentation gives you a better understanding through her eyes....



Jesse McQuilkin


Jesse McQuilkin is a Personal Trainer and a Youth Worker he is aged 25 years old and is based in Wandsworth.

He currently runs an Aspergers Syndrome Mixed Youth Club held at Generate who offer a range of activities,

support and advice such as Teaching The Youth, Life Skills And Solutions For Living When Living With Aspergers Syndrome.


He plays For Disabled Football Team At Feltham and currently In course Building A Personal Training Business.

His purpose to help people with Autism and hopefully make change through Law, Education and Awareness.