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Update on arrangements at Garratt Park School

Monday 23rd March 2020


Garratt Park remains open, but only for identified students who:

  • Are safer in school, OR
  • Have at least one parent who is a critical worker, and for whom no other supervision is available.


Government has consulted Wandsworth today, and discussions are ongoing about the arrangements schools will need to make. We currently have 19 classroom staff (of 63) able to work. Several more staff have gone off sick over the weekend and today, and I expect this to get worse. So the situation is bound to change.  Please keep an eye on this page.


Tutors will contact each of their absent students at least once a week to review their use of Google Classroom and to check on wellbeing. Designated safeguarding staff will be calling identified families at least once a week to check on welfare.


I have decided to operate on a skeleton staff, with most people working at home. All supervising staff will be familiar to students. Staff have been invited to choose which two days to come in, with the proviso that they may be called upon at any time. The headteacher, at least one other member of Leadership Group and site staff will be in school every day.


Staff in risk groups, or sharing their homes with those in risk groups, have been advised by me not to come to school. Those who use public transport will be entitled not to come in if they choose. Those not in school and remaining well will be expected to work at home and be in contact with the school.


Free school meals continue as usual at school, and food vouchers have been sent to parents by first class post where necessary. Where parents and carers pay for meals, the usual arrangements and prices will apply.


Local authority transport will run as usual for students coming to school.


The school may be open over the Easter holidays for students still attending who have at least one parent who is a critical worker, and for whom no other supervision is available.  For other students, Easter holidays will be as normal.


Michael Reeves


23rd March 2020