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At Garratt Park School we like to celebrate and reward our students who are positive role models, inspire others, those who are consistent with their behaviour and attitude or simply try their best.  It’s our way of showing these students we take notice and value their contributions in the school community. 

Each term we focus on a particular key stage and plan a special trip accordingly.  Student’s names are put forward and our key stage co-ordinators make the final decision as they hold the bigger picture for each child. 

We like to offer our students new experiences taking them out of their comfort zone.  Not only does this help to develop their resilience but it also increases their level of their self-esteem.   This term eight students were chosen from key stage four and we all went to Clip N Climb in Chelsea.  Students got to climb various walls with varying levels of difficulty.  After the safety briefing we were allowed to enter the arena.  The students navigated their way around the space with intrigue and excitement.  It was great to see all the students climb successfully.  We had some natural athletes who were climbing like a real pro.  We had others who persevered and kept climbing higher on each attempt as they were spurred on by their fellow peers. 

After an hour having felt like we had the workout of our lives, arms and legs aching, we headed back to school.  Everyone was on a high and their faces beaming, one student exclaimed that “that was the best thing ever sir! When can we go again?” I replied “if you continue being a positive role model you never know”.

Kazi Islam

Lead Learning Mentor