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The project began with an introductory performance from three membersof the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Martin (percussion and vibraphone), Cath (French Horn) and Paula (Violin) being led by Paul

(electric guitar).

They showcased their instruments and played some familiar music before being joined by a group of students from Paddock School who had just completed the same project.

Four of our Key Stage 3 classes (3ME, 7AH, 7KA & 8GE) then took part in a series of workshops to create their own songs, starting with some group singing and body percussion.

Their task began with thinking about what they would want someone to know when they meet for the first time. As ideas flowed, Paul helped the students to create the lyrics for their songs while the RPO filled the musical background. During the course of the week, we were joined by more RPO musicians, Jo (violin) and Gareth (Bassoon).

The ideas for the rhythms and melodies were a team effort, with students playing a key role throughout. Some students played percussion or kazoos while others created actions to enhance their songs.

One week after their introductions, the four groups performed their new creations to an assembly hall full of students, staff and parents.

One group, 7AH, was also chosen to represent the school and perform at the Northern Trust Head Quarters in Canary Wharf on Monday 9th October. As the Northern Trust had helped to fund the project, it was great to show them what we had created.

Feedback from the students after the project was very positive. They all enjoyed the experience, seeing and hearing different instruments, although some didn’t like performing in front of people, most would like to do it again.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this project so successful.