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Picture News

Fires have been burning the world’s largest tropical forest , the Amazon Rainforest, for around 4-weeks. The French
President, Emmanuel Macron, has called the fires an “international crisis” and along with 6 other countries, offered
money to help put the fires out. The Brazilian President, Bolsonaro, refused this money. It has been reported that there
have been 74,000 fires in the Amazon this year so far, a lot more than last year. It’s a worrying increase because the
Amazon very rarely burns on its own as it is usually too wet to ignite, so most of the fires are caused by people. The
Amazon Rainforest is important to the air we breathe and for turning the gas carbon dioxide into oxygen. The jungle is
home to many different species of wildlife and plants, many of which are rare or endangered.
Things to talk about at home…


  • Do you think important places like the Amazon Rainforest, should be protected by all countries
    together, rather than individual countries?
  • Do you think that Brazil should accept help from other countries to try to stop the fires there?