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  • We are improving our communications by using Auto Text. Please download the ParentComms app so we can contact you for free!


Parent / Carer, Please Download The Parentcomms App...

Dear Parent / Carer,

Garratt Park School’s new communication system. 

I am pleased to tell you that we  will from now on  be using London Grid for Learning’s  Auto Text  system  to communicate more effectively with you. 

We will be using the system  to communicate  to parents and carers  across a class  (for example, about school trips and visits)  across the year group,  or to individual parents and carers in an emergency  if we are unable to get in touch over the telephone. 

The system can be used in three ways:

  • By sending a text message to your mobile phone
  • By sending you an email
  • By sending you a “push” notification to the ParentComms: Mobile app.

Obviously,  sending text messages  will cost the school money.   It would be much better for you to download  the ParentComms app to your mobile phone (available on the Apple Appstore or Google Play for Android):

This is free to parents and carers and is quick to do.  If you would rather not do this, please let us know and we can send you an email instead.

We really need contact details to be kept up to date. Please ensure that you have provided the school with these.

With many thanks,


Michael Reeves