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Nora Quoirin

The Garratt Park School community is deeply shocked and saddened by the awful news of Nora’s death. Nora was a delight to work with, and focused very hard on making the best of her abilities. She was always well behaved, and set an example to others.  Nora was starting to become more independent, and had made some strong friendships. I have today received several emails from parents who have given me examples of her kindness to other, still more vulnerable children. 

We are a small school, so most of our students knew Nora, and her year group knew her very well, having worked with her in small groups for the last four years. We are already planning how best to support our other students and their parents and carers. This will include input from our highly skilled staff, whom students know very well, and from Wandsworth Borough Council.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nora’s family at this terrible time.