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Mother Africa Trip - 11-03-17

Via Jack Petchey funding, a group of students were chosen to see the theatre show Mother Africa. Students were chosen on the basis of having an aptitude for music and dance and those who have expressed a keen interest in the subjects.

Mother Africa was a family-friendly spectacle, a mix of modern circus and African music and dance celebrating everyday life in a South African township.

A diverse cast of 26 acrobats, musicians, and dancers from different African countries transform the stage into a bustling marketplace filled with breath taking feats, exuberant Afro-beats, and a swirl of colourful fabrics. The show featured the rare Icarian Games from Ethiopia—in which foot jugglers tossed fellow cast mates into the air—appeared alongside a body-bending contortionist, an African Gumboot dance, and more than a dozen awe-inspiring acts. Meanwhile, a live band kept the party going with every strike of the congas and strum of the kora, showcasing Africa's expressive music and dance culture.


The student’s faces were firmly fixated on the stage throughout the show with shrikes of “ooh’s and aah’s” as they watched on in amazement, they were absolutely blown away by the performance. They left the theatre buzzing, full of life/energy dancing along to their own beat.