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Jack Petchey Winner

Ryus Beckett from 10MB was our Jack Petchey winner from the summer term 2017. He won the award for making huge progress throughout key-stage 3 going from 1:1 personalised learning to re-joining a class fulltime; he has developed his social skills and confidence in his learning.   He is a positive member of the school community, an excellent role model and is always willing to help others.

As part of winning the Jack Petchey Award, Ryus was awarded £200 to take his classmates on a trip of his choosing. Rhys chose Jimmy’s World a multi cuisine buffet restaurant in Wimbledon.

The students were in their element, delighted by the exotic and varied range of food on offer. I encouraged them to eat something from each section, as it was a good opportunity to try different cuisines from around the world.  They ate until their hearts were content, citing the pizza, glazed bbq chicken, freshly made noodles and the desserts as some of their personal favourites.  After nearly two hours, trousers bursting at the seams and not needing to eat for the rest of the week we all left content and very satisfied.