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Health And Fitness Workshop For Parents/Carers

My name is Terry Avern I am a learning mentor at Garratt Park school.  I have a personal interest in health and fitness and have been delivering a healthy lifestyles project with some of our students.  With mental health and wellbeing high on the governments agenda I want to help parent/carers support their child to lead healthier lifestyles.  I have arranged an informal workshop open to all parent/careers on the 10/3/20 between 10am-12am, it will be delivered by myself and a parent/carer champion.

The aim of this workshop is to offer help/advice on the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet, how to eat/make low cost snacks and how to incorporate regular exercise in our weekly routines .

Please feel free to come along, tea and snacks will be provided.  Let me know by Friday 6/3/20 if you would like to attend as we have limited spaces.  If you would like any specific advice or more info on a particular topic call/email me so I can try and find out the answers by next week or incorporate it into the workshop (chances are if you are thinking of it so will other parent/carers). 

Alternatively if you have any other queries regarding health and fitness please feel free to call me on 0208 946 5769 or email me on:


Thank you,


Terry Avern