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Garratt Park School's approach to Coronavirus and Covid-19 

General principles

  1. We will continue to encourage all students to maintain high standards of cleanliness.
  2. We will monitor all students for signs of illnesses, and especially those with respiratory, cardiac and immune-response conditions.
  3. We will be guided by local and national government.
  4. Unless we are instructed by local or national government, we will not close the school unless:
    1. The school cannot maintain a safe level of staffing
    2. There are confirmed cases in the school, and medical advice is to close.

This school’s children and young people are highly vulnerable owing to their SEND and in many cases their personal circumstances. To close the school before absolutely necessary would place these children at greater risk.

  1. Classes will be combined if necessary due to staff and student absence, and alternative emergency activities provided.
  2. We will not be holding assemblies.
  3. We will review risk assessments for all trips, and cancel these where appropriate.
  4. If the school is closed, we will:
    1. Establish whether staff will be allowed on the premises.
    2. Implement additional processes to ensure the safeguarding of all students.
    3. Keep in touch with children and families where there are safeguarding concerns.
    4. Provide work to all students which can be emailed to their teachers.
    5. Give feedback on students’ work in a timely manner.
    6. Continue to carry out our work, or alternative work where appropriate, throughout term-time closures.
  5. We will parents and carers informed via Autotext and the school website.
  6. We will providing work for absent students using Google Classroom


In the event of closure

  1. A letter will go home from the headteacher detailing arrangements below.
  2. Tutors will make a weekly call to all students in their groups to check on:
    1. Welfare
    2. How much of the teaching offer they are accessing.
  3. Designated Safeguarding staff will continue to support families where required.
  4. Subject teachers will use Google Classroom to set tasks for completion by students at home.
  5. All teaching, therapy and mentor staff will also use Google Classroom and work on planning where possible.
  6. All support staff will continue with relevant and accessible tasks from home.
  7. We understand that the ability of staff to work may be affected by illness or childcare arrangements.