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Step Into Dance Performance

The Step into Dance programme, provided by the Royal academy of Dance and part funded by the Jack Petchy Foundation, is a huge success for students from years 7 – 13. They attend weekly dance lessons in school and work hard to be selected to take part in representing the school for the Royal Academy of Dance Step Around Town event which is hosted at several venues cross London.

Ten Garratt Park students performed to an audience of over 200 people at the event in Westminster at Grey Coats Hospital School on the 2nd of April.

Students: Libby, Gloria, Abigail, Sapphire, Amal, Gokan, Brandon, Philip, Wyatt, Anthony

Title of the performance is Four Seasons

Description: How the four seasons have an effect on the things around us; the trees etc.

Dance Teacher: Isaac Baptiste, from the Royal Academy of Dance

Dance instructor: Vicky Jane, Garratt Park School.

Congratulations to all involved, it was an outstanding performance and all your hard work is much appreciated by the whole school community