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Five Step Plan For Social Worker Support

Dear parent/carers,

With the summer holidays fast approaching you might be thinking about how to engage your child in positive activities.  Michelle Hutson (team leader) from Brandon Trust did a short presentation about their service.  They are a charity that support adults and children with learning disabilities and autism.  If you would like them to engage with your family they will have an initial meeting to discuss the needs of your child and then they will try and match them to an appropriate key worker, who will take your child out (depending on the number of hours they have been allocated) to develop your child’s  hobbies and interests. 

In order for Brandon Trust to get involved with your family a referral needs to be made  via social services.  Any parent/carer can apply for social services support.  Michelle has written a 5 step plan to help parent/carers get a social worker.

1.  Contact your Social Worker to request a core assessment.

2.  Be realistic always highlight the bad days

3.  If you have not heard from a Social worker when they say they will contact you. Do not wait for them to contact you, you contact them and keep on until you get satisfaction.

4.  Make sure a representative is at the review meeting for your child’s EHCP to represent the ‘C’.

5.  Any support is to be put under the core section e.g. How many hours a week support required. Amount allocated etc.

If you have any further queries or questions please feel free to call either Kazi Islam or Shakeel Richardson on the schools telephone number alternatively you can e-mail them: