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AFC Wimbledon Girls Only Fitness Sessions

A Football and Fitness session hosted by Kasha Petit and aimed at girls 12+.  Please complete the sign-up form below.

Launching: Wednesday 10th February

Female only football fitness session, incorporating football with fitness. Presented by AFC Wimbledon Foundation's Female Development and Inclusion Officer Kasha Petit. Begins: 10th February Start time: 6 pm (via Google Meets) Session duration: 45 minutes ~Meeting link will be emailed out every Tuesday ~ Online Health and Safety & Code of Conduct - Keep webcams on during the session (if for any reason this will not be possible please inform us in advance of the session) · Keep on mute unless you are speaking · Only use the chat function if you need help or support · Keep all conversations positive and respectful · Ask any questions about the code of conduct before the session Please note, failure to comply with the online code of conduct may lead to participants being removed from the session and the risk of not being able to attend future online sessions.