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We provide literacy support to students who are having persistent difficulties with reading, writing and spelling or comprehension and who are not making progress with the regular teaching methods within the classroom.  The level of support offered is dependent on the individual need of the student.  We adopt a wide range of evidence based literacy interventions which may be delivered within a small group or on a 1:1 basis. 

Students are assessed with a series of literacy assessments both pre and post intervention..  This information allows us to identify specific gaps and correct starting points. Interventions are reviewed either half-termly or termly depending on the program being delivered.  This then helps us to ascertain evidence of progression or new areas of focus.  

Sessions are delivered using a multi-sensory, cumulative approach. Students follow a highly differentiated reading and/or spelling intervention which initially teaches them to identify the individual sounds in words and to segment, blend and manipulate sounds to aid reading and spelling. Students are taught common high frequency words in reading and spelling to improve their reading fluency and spelling accuracy.  However, we understand that not all students learn in the same way or with the same approach to learning and in this case we deliver alternative intervention that does not necessarily follow a synthetic phonological approach, such as a provision that supports ‘sight recognition’ or a reading comprehension package for example.   

We also undertake small group sessions with students working towards key skills and entry level exam work, students who are learning English as an Additional Language ( EAL), as well as supporting others in the classroom who require help in order for them to access the curriculum alongside their peers. 

Reading levels are also re-assessed termly across the school using the Accelerated Reader platform.  This helps us to track progress and  inform future teaching provision or to consider additional intervention.

The team also offer assistance with accessibility tools to support ICT and are involved in setting up personalised online literacy programs for students which can be worked through at their own pace in school or at home. 

Other ways in which we offer support

  • Oversee and support guided reading sessions in class within KS3
  • Set up personalised reading and spelling programs that students work through at their own pace 
  • Complete dyslexia screening assessments
  • Arrange reading volunteer support
  • We also oversee the school library and ensure that books are accessible to all students taking into account reading ability and comprehension skills.  Our book choices support Diversity, equality and inclusion.  

We are always available should you need to discuss reading support for your child at home. 

Should you need to contact a member of the PALS team, please use the following link: 

Tracy  (PALS Lead)