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KS5 Topics Map


Term 1a 

Term 1b 

Term 2a 

Term 2b 

Term 3a 

Term 3b 


(An Inspector Calls).

Literature Power & Conflict Poetry 

Language: Creative Reading Paper  2 Q 1 and 2.

Literature Power & Conflict Poetry 

Literature: Pre 20th Century Novel (Jekyll and Hyde). Literature Power & Conflict Poetry The 

Language: Paper 1 - Literacy

Literature Power & Conflict Poetry Exposure 

Literature: Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice)

Literature Power & Conflict Poetry 

Revisit Lit 

Poetry throughout year:

Revision Language: Creative Reading Paper  1 

Language: Creative Reading (Paper 1 Qs 1 and 2)

Creative Writing (Q5) 

Language: Reading NonFiction (Paper 2 Qs 1 and 2). Writing to Argue 

Language: Creative Reading (Paper 1 Qs 3 and 4) Creative Writing 

Language: Reading NonFiction (Paper 2 Qs 3 and 4) Writing to Explain 

Language: Creative Reading (Paper 1 Q4) Writing to Explain 

Language: Reading NonFiction (Paper 2 Q4)

Creative Writing

Step up to English (ELC) Component 1 Reading

Step up to English (ELC) Component 1 Writing

Step up to English (ELC) Spoken Language

Step up to English (ELC) Component 2 Reading

Step up to English (ELC) Component 2 Reading

Step up to English (ELC) Component 2 Writing


Written Communication

Verbal Communication



London / Sports




The 4 Operations


Fractions, Decimals, & Percentages (Ratio)






Geometry & Measures


Probability & Stats

Maths Discovery



Position/Pattern/ Sorting


Data Handling


Computing & ICT

Improving productivity using IT

Improving productivity using IT

Presentation Software

Website Software

Multimedia Software

Audio software

Using ICT to display information

Using ICT to find information

Using ICT to communicate information

Using ICT to produce charts

Using ICT to present information

Using ICT to make a quiz

D of E

Introduction to the Silver  award

Volunteer Section       

Community work      

Skill Section (Italian) 

Physical Section     

Gym/Sport  activities

Expedition section: prepare for two  nights’ camping and three days of walking activity for practice and qualifying expedition 2 x expeditions 

Vocational Carousel (groups to rotate)

College taster course 

Work Experience 

Independent living 


Focus: Money 

Expressive Arts 

Work Skills

Introduction to work skills 

Identifying good conduct at work

Reflect and analyse own conduct in relation to work

Introduction to writing a good C.V.

Producing a C.V.

Introduction to Health and Safety/ chance to redo coursework if required

Moving on/Transitions 


The Community - Planning a whole school event - fundraising 

The Community - Planning a whole school event - Delivery 

The World Of Work

Work experience preparation & support 

World of Work

Careers service and advice  

Health and Survival 

Healthy lifestyles 

Health and survival 

First Aid training 

PDP (2 year programme)

Community work in the Community 

The World Of Work

Preparation for college transition


Oral Presentation & Interview skills 


Entrepreneurial Skills 

Generating Enterprise ideas 

Enterprise Planning

Enterprise and Business

Enterprise in action 

Enterprise evaluation 

Life Skills

Discovering Me

Leisure and healthy 

Financial Capability

Home Management

Around London

Away from home

Inspirational Artists

Art and Nature / Animation


Arts Award

Health & Fitness

Sports Participation

Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Researching Sport

Sport in the community

Coaching and officiating

The Environment/Working in Sport


Fitness for Life (Gym at Tooting Leisure Centre)

Badminton (At Tooting Leisure Centre)

Fitness for Life (Gym at Tooting Leisure Centre)


Living in modern Britain

Careers and your future

Financial Choices

Community Action/Healthy Living

Making the most of leisure time

Developing Self

Environmental Awareness

Managing Social Relationships, Parenting Awareness