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Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Having studied Physical and sports education at University I wanted to develop a programme where students developed a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  So in the spring term 2018 I have started to deliver healthy lifestyles workshops initially to a small cohort of students from KS4.  After the programmes initial success I am planning on making it available to both KS3 and 5 students in the near future.

This term I have been planning and delivering weekly sessions with the aim of helping students develop their knowledge in the following key areas:

  • 1) Diet and the body - Health benefits of eating a well-balanced diet and the health risks associated with eating unhealthy foods regularly.
  • 2) Cooking within a budget - Students are then given a budget of £3 and given the task of planning and then preparing a healthy meal or snack.

The Alternative Learning Centre (ACL) is where I delivery my healthy lifestyles workshops, it was set up to offer an alternative more practical based curriculum, it’s a space where the LM team deliver most of our sessions.

 A Healthy snack I will be making with my current healthy group this term are these healthy apple oat bars.  Why not try and make them at home they are soft granola bars that are low in sugar and high in fibre, they make a great snack, boost your energy levels and keep you full in between meals meaning you will be less likely to snack on crisps or chocolates.   

If you make any let me know they turn out, feel free to contact me on 0208 946 5769 or email me on If you would like any help or advice on helping your child make better healthy lifestyle choice.

Recipe and video instructions =


Terry Avern

Learning Mentor