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Alternative Learning Centre (ALC)


The ALC is a purpose built building that allows students to develop their practical skills and knowledge. This is achieved by various short accredited courses. We also offer basic insight/taster sessions into possible career paths that a student may choose.


The ALC is made up of three areas:


Home and kitchen area

This is where students learn practical skills from how to cook basic healthy lunches, snacks & meals, to learning about basic food hygiene, preparation & safety.  Students are involved in various enterprise projects where we use the kitchen area to make various foods products grown at our school allotment.  Some of these products are sold at our summer and Christmas market, monthly themed sales at break and lunch times and to members of the public.  Over the years we have grown various fruit and veg which the students have used to make various Jams, chutneys, soups, desserts, potato snacks, salads and smoothies. 

Home and Living area

This is a functional space where we show students how to develop basic life skills. We have a sofa bed so we can demonstrate how to make a bed, change sheets, how to use an iron, use a washing machine and how to use basic household cleaning products. We also use this area to host circle of friends groups as well as delivering various workshops to small groups.  

Workshop area

In this area students design and make various products, we support students through the whole process of designing, gathering materials needed to finally making a product.  Students will have the opportunity to use a range of hand and power tools to help complete their products.

 Parent/carer workshops

We also run various parent/carer workshops in this area as courses change from term to term for an up to date programme please call the school and ask for Shakeel or email:

(When parent/carer workshops take place no students are allowed into the ALC for privacy and confidentiality reasons).