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Accreditation Support

Students At Garratt Park School have the chance to work towards achieving a number of different qualifications. All the courses allow students to show what skills and knowledge they have learned. Teachers select the best courses for each student based on their ability. 


ELC Mathematics (AQA)


ELC Mathematics offers candidates who are unlikely to achieve grade 1 in GCSE mathematics the opportunity to achieve a certificated award. It can also offer candidates following a GCSE course a foundation to build on. 


Evidence for four of the eight units should be in response to externally-set assignments that are carried out in class under ‘Exam Conditions’. Evidence for the four remaining units should be from class work which has been set and assessed by the teacher. 


The course is made up of the following 8 components:

PDF icon Properties of Number

PDF icon Component 2 - The_Four_Operations

PDF icon Component 3 - Ratio

PDF icon Component 4 - Money

PDF icon Component 5 - The_Calendar_and_Time

PDF icon Component 6 - Measures

PDF icon Component 7 - Geometry

PDF icon Component 8 - Statistics