Garratt Park School

• Compassion • Honesty • Inspiration • Respect • Professionalism
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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural lessons

Our Definition of SMSC

At Garratt Park, SMSC is embedded across the curriculum, and encourages students to:

  • affirm the rights (and implicitly, the responsibilities)  detailed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The school has been accredited with the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award.
  • be aware of the diversity of the communities around them and the roles they can play in them. This is identifiable in PCHSE plans, Black History Month, Year 7 projects, Key Stage 3 Humanities and Food Technology plans.
  • develop an awareness of the faiths and beliefs of others. This is identifiable in Humanities plans and a wide variety of  trips and visits in the local community.
  • gain a broad awareness of their right to individual liberty, including the right to share their views with others, and to engage with others in the spirit of mutual respect and tolerance. This is embedded in the Key Stage 3 Humanities plans, in PCHSE, and in a number of pastoral care initiatives.
  • develop an awareness of and respect for the rule of law and how it applies to them; be aware of the possible social and economic consequences of offending. This is embedded in the PCHSE curriculum.
  • Become aware of the nature of democracy and to contribute to the nation’s democratic institutions. This is embedded in the PCHSE curriculum.
  • make informed decisions that have a positive impact on their social, economic and emotional wellbeing. This is identifiable in PCHSE, ICT and Work Skills plans, work experience placements,  and plans for Functional Skills in Maths and English.
  • develop the social skills and understanding needed to enable self-advocacy and advocacy for others. This is identifiable in PCHSE, Social and Communication Skills, charity engagement, assemblies and English.
  • explore, experience and engage in their own and others' creativity across a range of arts and cultural activities. This is identifiable in plans for Art and Craft, Performing Arts, Music, Year 7 Projects, Food Technology, ASDAN and Duke of Edinburgh  Award.
  • Become confident, independent, life-long learners.