Garratt Park School

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Garratt Park School Uniform

  • Plain black shoes or trainers
  • Plain black sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan 
  • Plain black trousers or tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain white shirt or polo shirt
  • Plain black skirt/ shorts

Garratt Park PE Kit

  • Garratt Park yellow Polo shirt (not yet available)
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms 
  • Plain black skirt
  • Sports footwear

Sixth Form students may wear their own clothes and these should be smart casual.  

The following items of clothing are NOT permitted in school:

Items with obvious branding, slogans or offensive words or images

Trainers that are not plain – unless for PE (except 6th Form)

Items of clothes that are overly revealing

Jewellery and make-up

  • For safety reasons, the only facial piercings permitted are those featuring studs and small sleepers. This includes ear piercings.
  • All jewellery is worn and brought to school at the owner’s risk. 
  • Make-up must not be excessive

All electronic equipment needs to be handed in to the school office or tutor in the mornings or it will be confiscated.

Mobile phones 


Handheld consoles.