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Admissions Information

All students at Garratt Park School have a statement of Special Educational Need (SEN) or an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) in which their major need has been identified as a moderate learning difficulty (MLD). A school placement that meets their needs will have been recommended to parents/carers by educational professionals or will be the parents’ first choice. Most parents will have attended a termly Open Morning (dates available from Garratt Park School or current SENCO) or will have requested a show round (please contact school to make an appointment).

A request to the Local Authority for a place at Garratt Park School can be made following the annual review procedure in Year 5 or from the student’s secondary school if it is not the expected time for transition. The local Authority will write to you in September of Year 6, seek your preference(s) and consult with schools on your behalf. You do not need to complete the request form for a secondary place.

The Local Authority will send school the papers to consider and an appointment will be sent to the parent/carer and child to attend for an interview, and we may consult with your child’s current school. Garratt Park School then responds directly to the Local Authority who will continue to liaise with the parents to let them know whether a place is available, with a response deadline in the February before the transition is due.

 Please refer to our admissions policy for further details and Wandsworth’s guide to secondary school admissions: Choose a Wandsworth Secondary School (


Admissions Policy Review 2025