Garratt Park School

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About Us

We have a happy, caring learning environment that values each child’s growth, progress and success.  We are a special secondary school for students with moderate learning difficulties and all of our students have an EHCP.  There are over 200 students from Year 7 to the 6th Form. We pride ourselves on our innovative curriculum which is a blend of both traditional academic subjects (leading to GCSE for some and Entry Level for most) and practical skills for life (including the Duke of Edinburgh, work experience and a range of vocational accreditations).  

We share our Topic Maps which outline the subjects we teach and what they involve. From Year 7 we use both internal baseline tests and prior data from KS2 to assign each child to a Progression Pathway.  Whilst the curriculum itself doesn’t change, it does mean that we can tailor our teaching to each child at the right level and make sure they all leave with accreditations that show what they can do (not what they can’t).  

We have a universal offer of provision for all students to meet their needs outlined on the EHCP.  This includes a differentiated curriculum, smaller class sizes than a mainstream setting (around 14 per class, 2 classes per year group, with one class in each key stage that is smaller and more structured) along with LSA support for each class.  In addition, we have both targeted and specialist provision with a number of onsite therapists and specialists, and a range of interventions assigned according to need.

At Garratt Park School we work together to provide the right conditions to enable growth so that our students can make progress and celebrate their success in whatever form it takes.

GPS Values

We provide our students with the right conditions to enable growth.  We do this through our differentiated, innovative curriculum, our caring, understanding  approach and our calm, purposeful environment.


We enable all our students to make progress.  This might be  in the  acquisition of knowledge  or  the development of their  skills for life. We measure this in small steps so that everyone knows they are on the right track.


We know that success comes in many forms and all are equally valid.  For some it might be GCSEs, for others it may be being able to learn to advocate for themselves, for others it might be following their passion in sport or performing arts.


GPS Expectations

Ready                                            Respectful                                        Safe


Our rules and expectations are very simple.

  1. We expect our students to be ready to learn.  This means that they should be present in school, in the right place at the right time, wearing the right clothes, with the right equipment and being in the right  frame of mind for learning.
  2. We expect our students to behave in a respectful way towards staff, students and their environment. This means thinking about the impact of their words, their use of personal space and their actions. 
  3. We expect our students to take responsibility for keeping themselves safe. This means behaving in a way that doesn’t put themselves or others in danger and sharing their concerns with the adults around them.