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Key Stage 3

Welcome to the Key Stage 3 website area

Key Stage 3 department is formed of 8 tutor groups:

7KA – tutor  Karen Arnold

7GE – tutor  Gemma Winter

7AN – tutor  Amy Hutton

8TF – tutor  Tracy Feltham

8AB – tutor  Anna Betteridge

9NB – tutor  Nikki Bunnell

9TL – tutor  Tracey Leather

3ME – tutor  Jacob Constantine

KS3 Co-ordinator  - Julie Wheatley


Year 9 – Trip to Imperial War Museum

In December, 9TL visited the Imperial War Museum as part of their Humanities curriculum.

They enjoyed looking at the various exhibits and forms of transport.  Afterwards we walked to the Southbank area and went to the park.

Kindness week

In November 2016, all of Garratt Park school took part in a ‘Kindness’  theme week.  During the week, all students and staff made a ‘kindness pledge’  to focus on doing something kind that week.