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Year 7 Catch Up Grant

The Year 7 Catch up Grant is a Government initiative that targets each student in Year 7 who did not achieve level 4 or above at Key Stage 2 in reading and/or maths. The individual allocation amount is £500.00 per student who meets this criterion.
The allocation for Garratt Park School for 2016/17 was received on 1st March 2017.




2016/17 Year 7 Catch up Grant Allocation:



 ICT Teaching Assistant

The ICT Teaching Assistant provides individual and small group support within ICT curriculum lessons. Students benefit from targeted practical demonstration of skills and programs to further enhance their learning in this increasingly fast developing area of learning.

Portion of ICT Teaching Assistant Salary Costs:








 Maths Teaching Assistant

The Maths Teaching Assistant works with individual students using practical approaches within the maths curriculum with a particular focus on the four number applications. Equipment and resources to support individual students’ needs are particularly useful to differentiate learning.

Portion of Maths Teaching Assistant Salary Costs:








 Learning Resources



 Total Expenditure: