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  • Sept 2017 **FRAUD ALERT WARNING** Please click here


New Links with Burntwood School

Garratt Park School and Burntwood School are forging exciting new links in a variety of areas. A number of Sixth Form girls from Burntwood are going to spend time at Garratt Park School working as mentors to other students, and Garratt Park students will be using some of the new facilities at Burntwood. There are plans to greatly extend this partnership in the future which will be beneficial to all sudents and staff involved.

Garratt Park Students from years 7, 8 and 9 took part in a multi skills tournament, which was organised by Year 10 Sports Leaders at Burntwood School. Garratt Park students took part in a number of different activities and worked on strengthening their team work skills. A fun evening was had by all and a special thanks must go to all the Burntwood Year 10 Sports Leaders who were fantastic.