Garratt Park School

• Compassion • Honesty • Inspiration • Respect • Professionalism


Mission Statement, Aims and Values

Mission Statement

Garratt Park School aims to enable young people to achieve their fullest potential through a broad and balanced curriculum.

All members of the school have the right to experience success within a caring community which recognises their efforts and celebrates their achievements.

Aims of the School

Garratt Park School aims to enable its students to:

  • Foster a caring, respectful attitude to others.
  • Become independent and socially competent adults.
  • Earn their living, gain job satisfaction, enjoy their learning and be eager to continue learning.
  • Take pride in themselves.
  • Develop self-confidence, an ability to communicate and acquire the skills necessary in life.
  • Be able to play a positive role in today’s society
  • Achieve their fullest potential

School Values

The School values, as agreed and developed by the whole staff team, are CHIRP: